$50 for an Hours work (Must be a UK based English speaker or Germany based German speaker)

Hi Everyone,

Appen is still looking for Native English speakers based in the UK, or Native German speakers based in Germanyto assist with their speech collection project.

You will be paid $50 USD (≅£37 ) upon completion and it takes around an hour and a half max. I’ve been assigned to recruit, so perhaps this may be of use!

You will need to have 4 fifteen-minute conversations using your mobile phone (no cost-all web based) The conversations are recorded, but no personally identifiable data will be retained.


  • Complete Appen’s Expression of Interest Form quoting my Appen Global ID (775467 ) as Recruiter’s reference number. (If the link doesn’t work: https://appen.formstack.com/forms/telephony ).
  • Enter the Appen Global ID/Recruiters reference number 775467 (the option to enter Recruiters reference number after you have picked English).
  • Once the forms are received and you qualify for Appen’s project you will be sent a detailed task instruction to the email address provided!

After you’re done, you will get paid $50 USD (≅£37 ) for the 4 phone calls (however, if you do less than 4, they will pay you proportionally). Reminder to Please use the Recruiter Reference Number 775467

You and the receiver(s) must:

  • be older than 18 years
  • be native speakers of UK ENGLISH living in United Kingdom (both callers should have an UK English accent – from England)
  • If in Germany, you must be native speakers of German and live in Germany (Both callers with German accents)
  • not have already participated in this project for more than 4 calls
  • have your own mobile phone (no landlines can be used)
  • Payment is by Paypal of Payoneer (You can choose)
  • This is a telephony task, so all mobiles are supported.
  • Once again, UK Based English (With English accent only), or Germany based with German Accent only)

Thanks and Best of luck. It’s a pretty straightforward task for those interested! 🙂

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