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Medical Transcription

I’m a stay at home mom and can really only work at night when the baby goes to bed. I’m trying to get into medical transcribing, but it looks like experience or training is required. I found a posting for a job with Med Trans, and they have a training course to complete before they will consider employment. Has anyone ever done this one before? Is there a better way to break into the field? Any information would be helpful! Thank you!! submitted by /u/BlueHairedMommaBear [link] [comments]

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I’ve made £487 on Prolific!

I signed up at the end of 2017 and have so far made £487. This is from having the webpage open pretty much everyday and using a Chrome refresh extension. I’ve just found the Prolific extension which I’ve found quite helpful. Does anyone use Prolific and if so how much have you made? Also is there any other website that you have made more from? Here is my referral link if anyone is interested in signing up: Or non-ref link: submitted by /u/Beth1818 [link] [comments]

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