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[RESEARCH] Please help my research on virtual teams and remote work!

Hi all, I am conducting research for my thesis about remote work and I would like to leverage the experience of you guys. If you want to help me and are a millennial between 20 and 35 years with experience in virtual teams, I would be happy to hear from you! Below is the survey for my thesis (6 minutes of work) Survey on Microsoft Forms HERE Thanks 🙏 If you even share it with your network, you will have my endless appreciation! And if you are […]

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Online English teacher recruiting, Match with 500+ hiring schools

Earn $12-24 per hour, pay monthly! Able to choose job from different online schools! Work from anywhere, flexible and free! Short working time minimum of 2 days a week, 2 lessons each day but can do full time hours if you want! NATIONALITY English speaker who speaks English at an idiomatic level from USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, etc. EDUCATIONAL CERTIFICATE (Either of the following certification is required) 1. BA degree 2. TEFL ,TESOL ,CELTA 3. Professional Teaching lisence JOB INFORMATION 1.1 […]

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Looking for Logistics Operations Assistant for a Hot Gaming Peripherals Startup

KLIM, a fast growing company which managed to become the leader in Europe on the gaming accessories’ market is currently looking for a Logistics Operations Assistant. If you get the knack of forwarding, supply chain and/or studied related fields of logistics and operations, love gaming, eager on having a remote job or move to Chiang Mai, Thailand – the Mecca of Digital Nomads in Asia then this job is for you! Full Job Descriptions, Requirements and Compensation Packages can be seen here: If you want to […]

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Looking for employment…

Can’t afford an at-home landline & my computer is too slow for that stuff anyways so I was wondering if there is anything that is truely on your own time. I also have health problems so it would be amazing to have a job where I just work when I can & don’t have to worry about letting my co-workers down or getting fired… my absolutely ideal job would be something where I had a set amount of tasks to do before the end of the week […]

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